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Vivek Agnihotri sends video statement following IFFI controversy: ‘Will cease creating films if…’

Vivek Agnihotri sent a video message on Twitter criticising Israeli director Nadav Lapid and people who support him in the IFFI-Kashmir Files conflict.
Vivek Agnihotri has finally spoken out on Israeli director Nadav Lapid’s recent statements for The Kashmir Files. Vivek claimed in a recent video posted to his social media that if anyone could prove that what he portrayed in his film was not factual, he would quit creating movies.
The Kashmir Files was branded as a “propaganda movie” and “vulgar” by jury chairman Nadav Lapid during the closing ceremony of the International Film Festival of India on Monday. Since then, numerous Indian and Israeli officials, legislators, and diplomats have criticized his statements, demanded an apology, and even filed complaints against him.
Vivek has now addressed the topic in a new video posted on his social media. “This isn’t something new to me. Because such statements are frequently made by terrorist organisations, urban naxals, and others seeking to split the country. What astounds me is that the narrative espoused by people who want to divide Kashmir from India was expressed on the platform of a government-organized programme on India. And a few Indians used it against the country. “Who are these people?” Vivek inquired before answering his own inquiry.
He stated that they are the same folks who have been opposing his film since he began studying it four years ago. The Kashmir Files depicts the departure of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir as a result of terrorist attacks on members of the community. The much-discussed picture, which polarised opinions after its March 11 release, is one of the year’s most popular Hindi films.
Before filming the film, Vivek stated he interviewed 700 people. “It is sometimes asserted that The Kashmir Files is a propaganda film, that Hindus were never slaughtered in the valley.” So now, I challenge all intellectuals, urban naxals, and this great Israeli filmmaker: if anyone can establish that a single scene, line, or incident in The Kashmir Files is false, I will cease creating films,” he declared in the video.
At the closing ceremony, Nadav Lapid stated: “I’d like to congratulate the festival’s director and the programming director for the program’s cinematic depth, diversity, and complexity. It was a stressful situation. We viewed seven films in the debutant competition and 15 films in the international competition, which serves as the festival’s front door. 14 of them had cinematic aspects, defaults, and elicited lively debates “He stated this in his address.

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