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Vidya Balan begged at the coffee shop

Vidya Balan comes from one of the famous Bollywood actresses who has appeared in Bollywood doing many good films one after the other, and she is also surrounded by controversy many times, after which she also tries to get out of them. Her image is considered very well within Bollywood, and her pairing with Kangana Ranaut was said to be very good because both of them are actresses; they are seen speaking flawlessly, so they are rarely liked inside Bollywood, but the way Since the general public gives them their love, she does many films with her in Bollywood.

Vidya Balan is trying her best for the next film to get recognition again in Bollywood with this film when story film part 1 was released, and soon after that, when part 2 was released, she achieved so much in that. He couldn’t do it, but now net film she has full hope that he will do well in this; during this, he has also shared his old in an interview; he said that once he had challenged his friends that he would be a Will go to a coffee shop and ask for biscuits, and he will be seen begging there for 1 hour, and he completely accepted this challenge.

Vidya Balan said that people ignored her for begging.

Vidya Balan further said during her interview that when this challenge was given to her friends, she was very excited about it. She used to work in a piece of band music and worked on the road for a long time. When he went inside the coffee shop and knocked on the door, he started getting irritated by knocking on the door and refused to give it to him. After that, he was continuously seen there asking for biscuits, but no one gave him any alms, and he was much more Embarrassed and very angry, even though she kept pushing him a little.

Vidya Balan said that when she was not given alms for a long time, and no one recognized her as an actress, her friends were very embarrassed, and her friends called her back. However, Vidya Balan Said that she had won this challenge completely, her experience was very daring, and she also enjoyed worship while begging in this way for so long.

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