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Very good news for the devotees of Mahadev, Amarnath Yatra is starting on July 1

All the devotees of Mahadev, or those people who have faith in God and Shiva, definitely have a dream in their life that at some point or the other, they visit Amarnath; however, whenever Amarnath’s journey starts every day, some time or the other. One of the different kinds of incidents keeps on being heard, so it is very risky to go there, but the passion inside the people is such that they cannot stop themselves and leave for Amarnath Yatra.

But friends, Amarnath Yatra is such a pilgrimage that you must go directly with preparation; if you go without preparation, you will never be able to reach there, and either you will fall ill on the way. Or else you may die, and you will never be able to complete the pilgrimage. So now this journey is starting from July 1, so you will have to make a lot of preparations for it, now there can be many things in these preparations that you have to carry a sufficient amount of oxygen with you. According to the environment, you will have to eat and drink, as well as the arrangement of clothes.

You can do Amarnath Yatra from July 1 to August 31; register yourself today.

Amarnath Yatra starts on July 1, and you can go there till August 31 i.e., after August 31, you will not be able to get your entry there, so whatever preparations you have to make, or you will end your journey between these months. To go on the Amarnath Yatra, you must first register there. To get the registration done, you will need some important documents; for this, you will have first to attach your five ID-size photos or passport-size photos in the registration form; after that, you will have to attach your ID proof which is your Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card. It can be any of the following; after this, you also need a medical certificate authorized by the Shrine Board that you are completely healthy and can come on the journey.

Shri AmarnathJi Shrine Board has issued an authorized list for all the country’s states. This time, only authorized doctors can make that certificate for you. If you come after getting your medical certificate from another doctor, your registration form will still need to be completed, and you can enter Amarnath Yatra.

No more form fee has to be paid for coming to Amarnath Yatra, this form fee is very, and this form fee is taken so that you do not face any problems during the entire journey. Suppose you need any medical support or any other help. In that case, your given money will be spent on you, and this minimum charge is taken, which is ₹ 220 per person for an Indian person, but if you are an NRI 1520, you have to pay this charge during registration only.

While going to Amarnath Yatra, you should wear warm clothes, which include woolen caps, sweaters, and coats, as well as it rains there for 24 hours, so you should take a raincoat for that, and you should also wear an air-proof jacket to avoid the cold winds. You can also see different types of poisonous insects there, so to avoid them, you should take any suitable tablet or cream. You have to carry a stick which is portable for your support. A water bottle for a hot water store, a first aid kit, and a torch can help you a lot at night. If you want to fulfill your dream, registration has started, so get the station done today. This journey will begin on July 1, so as soon as you get time, fulfill your dream from July 1 to August 31.

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