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Truth of the customs incident reveals : Shah Rukh Khan

The truth about the customs incident reveals why we enjoy cornering. Khan, Shah Rukh
Shah Rukh Khan reportedly had to pay some duty after being stopped at the airport. Everything turned out to be a lie. But why pass up the chance to use the celebrity as clickbait?
Shah Rukh
Numerous individuals showed up in his defense, and online users shared their recollections of his generosity, bravery, humility, and capacity to make you feel like the only person in the world. you listen carefully when SRK speaks. When you speak, you genuinely believe he pays attention.

Over the years, Shah Rukh Khan and airports haven’t exactly gotten along. At the American airport, he was repeatedly stopped in order to verify his identity. Recently, he was also stopped for travelling with expensive watches worth Rs 18 lac. According to numerous reports, he paid a customs duty of Rs. 6.83 lakhs before being permitted to leave. All of this, however, turned out to be untrue.

According to the statement made by the customs official, “SRK and his colleagues landed at the GA terminal at roughly 12.30 pm. In contrast to the T2, which features distinct color-coded channels for various passenger types and their duty-related screenings, the GA terminal lacks any distinct classifications. The team as a whole was carrying 6-7 bags that were screened by security.

They had one Apple watch, several watch winders (specialised cases used for luxury watches), and no receipts for these items because they claimed they were gifts. On the basis of our internet research, we calculated the combined value of these things to be Rs 17.86 lakhs.

Reports claimed that SRK was carrying pricey timepieces, however the objects were actually watch winder cases. The officer said, “Ravi Singh, from SRK’s security squad (Ravi is Shah Rukh Khan’s dependable bodyguard), was taken to Terminal 2 with one bag containing the products for tax payment and one customs officer. Ravi paid the 6.88 lakh rupee customs duty there (calculated as per the customs duty of 38.5 percent).
Media attention
The amount of media attention and sensationalism the celebrity received over the weekend further demonstrates why the media (at least a portion) like using his name for both good and bad purposes. Who cares what happens in the sequel? Who has the fortitude to wait for the unearned truth? Create a tale quickly, then post it on social media to get the most views and arouse interest. Traction cannot wait while truth can. Sachai can wait to be more filmy, but Shah Rukh Khan cannot.

Shah Rukh Khan received the “Global Icon of Cinema & Cultural Narrative Award” on Friday in recognition of his contributions to global cinema. On the occasion, the actor discussed his upcoming movies Jawan, Dunki, and Pathaan and promised they will all be “superhits.”

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