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Troubles increase for Imran Khan

The Government of the Punjab province of Pakistan has finally demanded from Imran Khan to hand over all the terrorists who have been taking refuge at his residence in Lahore. Imran Khan has attacked the government once again by stating that begin only enter his house after taking a proper arrest and search warrant. An ultimatum has also been issued against Imran Khan that he is required to hand over the entire troop of terrorists by 2:00 p.m. on 18th May failing which the Punjab Police will storm into his house. The government officials have also revealed that they will arrest all by the end of 18th May. This is technically the date on which the national accountability bureau has ordered to produce evidence in connection with his corruption case. Imran Khan has been involved in this corruption case for a long time now and it was only after 7 months of imprisonment that he was recently released.

If Imran Khan fails to produce these terrorists before the court of law then the high court will give permission to arrest Imran Khan once again by the Paramilitary rangers in Islamabad. If this happens then the premises of the high court will once again witness violent protests that it had to witness a month ago. This is a situation of complete unlawful conduct and the government cannot really do anything about it. The extent of unrest in the army headquarters was so aggravated in Rawalpindi that different senators from the US Congress even wrote a letter to the Human Rights Commission in Pakistan to do something about the situation because it was completely against the rule of law. In order to control the protest and prevent the spread of fake news, the government has also imposed a blanket ban on the internet so that the demonstrators do not collect for the purposes of protesting.

It is a sad state of affairs for the country to manage that despite so many years of Independence it has not been able to eradicate disorders such as corruption. The political situation in Pakistan is definitely not under control and the existing government is failing to provide a state of law and order in the country. In fact, a complete report has to be submitted with respect to the latest developments. The government is willing to increase the deployment of forces around the residence of Imran Khan. This will help to control every possible situation that arises in this situation. The government has also ordered the police to a rest all the officials If in case they try to assist Imran Khan in any way.

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