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These active Gmail accounts will be closed for two years; if you want to keep them running smoothly, then you will have to use

We use Gmail and email for our Google use. If we use them sparingly, then it is terrible news for those people because now Google has decided that people who have not used 2 Gmail and email accounts have not been used for years or are not active on it for two years. Their counter will be deleted entirely. That is, their account will now be removed from Google, so those who have Gmail And email accounts have become two years old or less than two years, so if they want to keep them running, then they should activate them at the same time so that Google cannot delete them.

Google constantly changes its policy so that the security service remains good because it is most known for its security, and many times, we see that the biggest reason for those whose Gmail account email account gets hacked is this. He cannot remain active on it continuously, after which someone traces his password, and then he contracts that email account from there and sends wrong messages to someone demanding money from someone. All these problems happen only after the hacking of Gmail accounts and email accounts, and then they cannot run their account at all, which someone else runs.

Google constantly keeps on updating its security service.

Google is best known for its security service and all the applications that Google has on top of the Play Store; it constantly changes the security service for all the apps, and it also makes changes inside them so that its users are protected from any threat. Google has been seen doing its best to ensure that they do not have to face any trouble and that its counters can run properly; their accounts should not be run by anyone else in any way, and Google has recently said That if someone has a Gmail account and that email account has not been needed for two years, then it would be suitable for them to delete this account so that their account would not be run by anyone else and their main objective was this.

Only after this did Google decide that all those accounts would be deleted, and if anyone’s essential data or database is in any Gmail account, then the email is inside the account. They will be two years old. Then they will be removed quickly. You can quickly go there and restore your data. Otherwise, their data will also be deleted along with the Gmail account, and then they will never be able to trace that data, and in the coming time, they can create a new account and create their own Gmail. Only they have to save their data.

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