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The Viral Video of a Nepal Airlines Flight Hostess Is Old, Not ‘Minutes Before Crash.’

Nepal is grieving the loss of 69 people in Sunday’s fatal jet accident, the country’s worst aviation tragedy in three decades. Oshin Ale Magar, a 24-year-old flight attendant, was among the deceased. She had left home vowing to return to celebrate the Maghe Sankranti holiday with her family.
A video of the flight attendant taping herself inside the plane has been making the rounds on social media. Several media sources broadcast the footage, which they said was shot by Ale Magar minutes before the disaster.
However, the original video, which was published to TikTok, reveals that it was originally shared by the air hostess on September 11th, not on the day of the disaster. A screen recording of Oshin Ale Magar’s TikTok indicates that the viral video does not include the seconds leading up to the incident.
Yeti Airlines’ 9N-ANC ATR-72 aircraft was carrying 72 passengers when it crashed into a steep ravine and exploded into flames during a landing attempt at Pokhara’s new airport. All of the passengers, including five Indians, are presumed dead.
When the tragedy occurred, Oshin Ale Magar’s family was ready to celebrate Maghe Sankranti. She had worked with Yeti Airlines for two years and lived in Kathmandu
Following the disaster, her father, Mohan Ale Magar, stated that he had requested that Oshin Ale Magar not work that day. But she persisted on finishing two flights and returning to enjoy the event, Republica newspaper’s Mohan Ale Magar said over the phone.
Oshin Ale Magar was the eldest of four children. The flight attendant married two years ago in Pokhara, and her spouse currently resides in the United Kingdom..

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