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The Indian Army hoisted its flag in the world.

There is always a lot of discussion about the Army of India because the Army of India has given victory to India in many wars. In contrast, in the war of 1971 and 1999 with Pakistan, the Army of India won its victory. It was waved, and at that time, some Saini of India were present above the border. They had helped a lot in defeating Pakistan’s most significant Army, which has been seen to move forward even above the border. Constantly stationed with his troops and engaged in the name of his Army.

In the Indian Army, which has become the fourth largest Army in the world, and above this, there are the forces of China, Russia and America, which are considered more powerful than India, and inside them, as much as the number of Indian soldiers, They also have a lot of aircraft, they also have tanks in available quantity, and India has such quantity which is not available. India is staying below these, but India’s Navy is continuously increasing. It is going, and in the coming time, it is expected that India will cross China very soon. He is very high; it is difficult for India to match him.

Pakistan’s Army is less than half of India’s

Pakistan’s Army is less than half that of India; this means that Pakistan’s men are very weak in front of India, but still, Pakistan is seen fighting continuously as they were with India. And the way India has fought all the wars with Pakistan, in that war, about 1 to 2 percent of the Indian Army was present there, but still, India was able to defeat them once the war happened in 1971. At that time, about 130 soldiers of the Indian Army were present there, and they killed about 1500 soldiers of Pakistan from there.

The Indian Army is now continuously seen conducting new tests one after the other, and all these tests can prove to be effective in taking the Indian Army forward because of the way nuclear weapons are being developed in India. The Indian Army had the most significant hand in the test, and the way the Indian Army conducted its nuclear test in Pokaran, Jaisalmer, the Army has received full thanks for that, but the activities that take place inside India. The Indian Army keeps trying to fulfil them too, and where the police cannot do their job correctly, the Indian Army is seen working continuously.

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