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The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is also being spied by Pegasus

Rahul Gandhi who is the Congress leader, during the lecture in Cambridge university, stated that he and several other politicians had been spied by the Israeli spyware Pegasus. Additionally, he said that intelligence officers had also cautioned him against speaking on the phone since his calls were being recorded.
He claimed that not only him but many politicians also being spied by the Pegasus. For which the intelligence officers also warned him to not to share any type of personal information while talking on phone as they were recording his calls.
Rahul Gandhi mentioned that this is a persistent pressure that we go through. There are other criminal cases that are registered against me that should under no circumstances be considered criminal charges. We are attempting to defend that.
“It can be difficult for the opposition to effectively communicate with the public when physical attacks are being made against media outlets and democratic institutions,” Gandhi remarked.
In retaliation, Anurag Singh Thakur who holds the portfolio of Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting Sports and Youth Affairs, asserted that the Congress leader was “once again lamenting on a global platform.” He also stated during a press conference: “He knew the repercussions of doing this…The topic of Pegasus has filled a deep corner of his thoughts and heart.”
During the lecture Rahul Gandhi also said that “The democracy of India is under attack and under pressure. The required institutional framework for a democracy, such as the Parliament, free press, and judiciary, as well as the concept of mobilization, are all facing limitations. This results in an attack on the fundamental structure of democracy. Specifically, the Union of States described in the Indian Constitution requires negotiations, which are being threatened. Additionally, there are assaults on both minorities and the press.

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