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The Afghanistan team has reached Pakistan

At this time, the Asia Cup, the most giant cup in the whole world, is going on, and preparations are being made continuously for it. This time, for the Asia Cup, the entire team is fighting. The teams that qualified inside are outstanding, outstanding teams to see match after month after month here, and there is a whole possibility of a perfect game between India and Pakistan tomorrow. The match was played, but it was cancelled entirely due to rain. It was utterly postponed by giving one point to both the teams in this match, although the finals were reached to take a look. India and Pakistan both came in front of each other again, and if they get a chance to enjoy the main match between India and Pakistan, they are fully ready for this chance.

In yesterday’s match between India and Pakistan, outstanding bowlers were seen from Pakistan’s side. He looked utterly Pakistan big, not inside his energy was also infused with Pakistan holiday in Hindi very brilliant ball, bazi ki ho, like sage played the Indian team entirely from the bottom side. Rakhi of Ishan Kishan and Hardik Pandey Reached the good one, but it was completely due to rain, and those who reached Lanka from there were preparing for many days to see it, but they got very disappointing results.

Afghanistan can retaliate this time

The Afghanistan team is seen playing excellent cricket this time, and this time, it is fully prepared that it is entirely in its place in the finals of the Asia Cup. To do this, the Afghanistan team is completely ready to buy this time. The batsman they have is outstanding, Rishi’s Madhubala, and they become the leading contender for the Asia Cup, where India and Pakistan are on one side. Afghanistan is a big team, on the other hand, Bangladesh is in the city and this time the fight inside the Asia Cup is going to be very good. The best players of both the teams will be in front of each other, and the best team in Asia And all the players play excellent cricket throughout the year.

Afghanistan has ultimately reached Pakistan, and Rajasthan will face Bangladesh. Bangladesh also lost the first match and had to face defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka, although the Sri Lanka team was solid this time. Sri Lanka is in excellent form. There are good players from there, and the way Sri Lanka has won the record of winning the most ODIs in the world, it has also won its name and 12 consecutive ODIs, which is vast in itself. There is a record, and with this victory in the ODI match and their ICC World Cup qualifiers, all of them were also present, so the confidence in the Sri Lankan team is very high and perfect. They can become an excellent team again in the future.

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