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Swine flu infections and fatalities increase in India

With 11,450 cases registered this year versus 778 instances in 2021, the number of swine flu cases nationwide has increased by 15 times. As of September 30th, 321 people have died from the infection this year versus 12 last year.
NEW DELHI: There have been 11,450 cases of swine flu detected this year compared to 778 cases in 2021, a 15-fold increase in infections nationwide. More significantly, 321 people have died from the virus this year through September 30 compared to 12 at the same time last year, a staggering 27-fold rise.
A shift in the influenza strain spreading in India this year has been identified by leading researchers at the Indian Council of Medical Research, and they have advised the public to take all preventive precautions.
The influenza viruses that cause swine flu are respiratory illnesses. Nowadays, it is spread by humans through coughs and sneezes after first appearing in pigs.
Fever, cough, sore throat, body pains, and chills are some of the early signs.
Last year, the influenza strain that was in circulation was H3N2, and this year, it is H1N1. When sneezing or coughing, people should cover their mouth and nose, practice good hand hygiene, isolate themselves if they have symptoms like a fever or cough, and call their doctor right away ICMR senior scientist quoted.
The former director of epidemiology and communicable diseases at ICMR, Dr. Raman Gangakhedkar, stated that influenza is a disease that may be prevented by vaccination. Therefore, in order to prevent health issues, elderly individuals and those with chronic illnesses should receive the influenza vaccine and take a booster dosage of Covid.
According to the most recent report on H1N1 swine flu from the health ministry’s Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDPS), Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are the next worst-affected states, with 2,036 cases and 22 deaths each, and Maharashtra has 3,513 cases and 191 fatalities (2,031 cases, 58 deaths).
The state health ministry reports that of the new cases, 15 have been admitted to various hospitals with the appropriate designations, while the remaining 35 are being quarantined at home. Of the 50 cases that have been discovered, 24 involve minors. According to Delhi Health Minister Kiran Walia, one male patient is critically ill at the RML Hospital and is receiving dialysis and a ventilator. According to her, 681 of the 772 documented cases in the city had been treated and discharged as of this writing. The government is doing its utmost to treat swine flu victims in government facilities, according to Walia, who also stated that the situation is under control. In the event that they display any swine flu symptoms, she recommended individuals to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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