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Sunny Deol gave a statement about Bollywood

Sunny Deol has been doing a lot of preparations recently to promote his film Gadar 2 because his upcoming movies are essential; the way he has worked in this film, he will be back in Bollywood after a long time. He is also making a comeback in movies, and his fans are also hoping that this film will be very blockbuster; people will also like it a lot because of the way Sunny Deol does when he is very popular worldwide. And there are constant extensive talks about them after 22 years, the way Gadar 2 will be released now, how much it will be able to collect at the box office or not.

Sunny Deol recently gave a massive statement about Bollywood; he said that Bollywood had gone too far behind regarding drugs, and people are constantly pointing fingers at Bollywood because drugs have thoroughly defamed Bollywood. Bollywood has become infamous because of those who stay inside Bollywood, take drugs, and get intoxicated continuously. However, because of those people, no one can ignore the whole of Bollywood; Bollywood constantly tries to make it accessible to ordinary people. We can entertain and reach out to ordinary people well; we deliver any entertainment to the general public, and along with it, they have also said that in this way, one actor will be accused of another actress. It is absolutely wrong to malign the entire Bollywood; in this way, he said it is very easy to point fingers at the world of glamour.

Sunny Deol is banned in Pakistan.

Sunny Deol’s film Gadar 2 will be released at the box office on August 11. Sunny Deol is preparing for it and is constantly promoting Boss, while Ameesha Patel was also seen promoting with him. The director is Anil Sharma. He is also continually trying hard to make this film achieve maximum success. This film should be a super hit as soon as possible and all the people have high hopes for this film, that’s why the collection of this film is also It is expected to be very high, on the other hand, this time many Bollywood films will be released within August, the film director is also concerned that after all, a lot can be seen on the collection and this film is over budgeted.

Ever since the trailer of Ghadar 2 was launched, Sunny Deol has been wholly banned inside Pakistan, and Pakistan has said that in this way, Sunny Deol is seen using very Hindi language against their country. He has come because of his ideology against Pakistan, he is wholly suspended in Pakistan, and he can never go to Pakistan, nor will Pakistan ever go to him. Still, on this, Shanidev has reacted that he should go to Pakistan. There is never any need, and he loves his country India very much; he always wants to live and die for India; he does not want to have any dealings with a country like Pakistan.

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