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Suhana Khan and Shah Rukh Khan should watch Pathaan together, according to MP assembly speaker Girish Gautam over the Besharam Rang controversy.

Girish Gautam, the speaker of the Madhya Pradesh assembly, has criticised the Pathaan song Besharam Row and challenged Shah Rukh Khan to see the movie with his daughter.
Speaker of the state legislative assembly Girish Gautam joined Madhya Pradesh minister Narottam Mishra in criticising the forthcoming Shah Rukh Khan film Pathaan. Many politicians have criticised the opening song of the movie, Besharam Rang, calling it immoral. The internet has even suggested that the outfits worn by the two major actors may have a political or religious undertone.
The MP State Assembly’s five-day session starts on Monday. Gautam mentioned before about the uproar that Pathaan has caused in the state. Many people, including state officials, have complained that the movie offends their religious sensibilities and that the music is filthy and obscene. “Shah Rukh need to watch this movie with his daughter, post a photo online, and let everyone know that they are doing so. I dare you to produce and release a comparable movie on the Prophet “According to a story in Live Hindustan, said Gautam. Suhana Khan, 22, the daughter of actor Shah Rukh, will shortly make her Bollywood debut.
Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone both star in Besharam Rang. Deepika appears in a variety of outfits in the beach party song, but one bikini in particular has infuriated the protesters since they claim it is saffron and hence violates their religious beliefs. Even while Shah Rukh did recently deliver a veiled message about hostility on social media, the film’s team hasn’t explicitly addressed it.
The world has returned to normal, Shah Rukh stated in Hindi last week while addressing at the Kolkata International Film Festival 2022’s opening ceremony. I am the happiest out of all of us. And I have no problem declaring that “me, you all, and all the positive people are alive” (Duniya kuch bhi kar le, main aur aap log aur jitney bhi positive log hain sab ki sab, zinda hain). The enormous throng assembled there cheered when he spoke his final “zinda hain” in the manner of his Pathaan persona.
Besharam Rang had already drawn the ire of Madhya Pradesh minister Narottam Mishra, who said that until the film’s content was modified, it might not be shown in the state. Since that time, the Twitter hashtag “Boycott Pathaan” has gained popularity. The movie Pathaan is scheduled to hit theatres on January 25, 2023.

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