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Sony TV Explains ‘Crime Patrol’ Episode Related to Shraddha Walker’s Case

After receiving much criticism for a recent episode of ‘Crime Patrol’ that featured a scenario identical to Shraddha Walkaler’s, Sony TV released a statement denying any link to the case.
Sony TV made a statement through their Twitter handle @SonyLiv, stating that the show was a “work of fiction” based on an occurrence that occurred in 2011.
“Some fans have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with a recent episode of “Crime Patrol” on SET that resembled a recent occurrence reported in the media. We would want to stress that, while the episode is a work of fiction, it is based on facts that occurred in 2011 and has nothing to do with any contemporary cases.”
They continued, saying, “We go to considerable lengths to ensure that our content meets broadcasting standards imposed by regulatory organisations. However, in this case, we have paused the show in order to respect the sentiments expressed by our followers. Please accept our deepest apologies if the show offended any of our viewers.”
The show’s creators recently released an episode in which viewers recognised a striking connection in the plot to Shraddha Walker’s murder case. However, things became a little contentious when the filmmakers changed the religion of the major characters: the girl was depicted as a Christian girl, while the kid accused of slicing her into pieces was depicted as a Hindu lad (Mihir).
The station was then boycotted by internet users.
The next court date for Shraddha Walker’s case is January 6, 2023. The last hearing was held on December 23, 2022. Aaftab Poonawalla is accused of strangling his live-in spouse Shraddha to death and slicing her corpse into 35 pieces. He is also suspected of keeping the severed body parts in a refrigerator before disposing of them in highly forested regions of Delhi and Gurugram. Police had previously stated that Aaftab, who admitted to murdering Shraddha and slicing her body into 35 pieces, was giving false replies to queries.

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