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Shilpa Shirodkar explains why she let Malaika Arora have Chaiyya Chaiyaa

Shilpa Shirodkar explains why she let Malaika Arora have Chaiyya Chaiyaa: ‘They assumed I was overweight.’
Shilpa Shirodkar stated she couldn’t get the song because she was deemed obese when Farah Khan disclosed Shilpa Shirodkar was contacted for Dil Se’s Chaiyya Chaiyya before Malaika Arora got it.
Shilpa Shirodkar, an actor, has stated that she was unable to appear in the classic song Chaiyya Chaiyya because she was deemed ‘too obese.’ Shilpa’s comments come after Farah Khan, the filmmaker-choreographer, revealed that Malaika Arora was not the first choice for the hit Dil Se song.
Farah stated on the first episode of Moving In With Malaika that Shilpa Shetty, Shilpa Shirdokar, and a few others were contacted for the song before it was eventually given to Malaika. Malaika’s breakthrough film, Chaiyya Chaiyya, had her and Shah Rukh Khan, together with backing dancers, dancing on a moving train.

Shilpa told ETimes in a new interview about the song: “Chaiyya Chaiyya was a possibility for me. They evidently believed I was too overweight and offered it to Malaika instead. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to perform this classic piece, but I suppose it’s all fate.”

She also expressed regret for passing up the opportunity to work with Shah Rukh Khan, adding, “It was obviously frustrating, but I had the opportunity to share screen time with him in Gaja Gamini for only one scene. So my wish came true.”
Farah stated on the show about the song from Mani Ratnam’s 1998 film, “You’re the Chaiyya Chaiyya girl.” Fortunately for you, five heroines had refused to board the train. Malaika was not on anyone’s radar. Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Shilpa Shirodkar, and a few more celebrities were approached.” According to the filmmaker-choreographer, the other actors who were approached were either unavailable or had a fear of trains.
Shilpa has previously appeared in films such as Khuda Gawah, Kishen Kanhaiya, Hum, and Gopi Kishan, to name a few.

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