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Shekhar Suman imitates MC Stan and makes Jokes

Shekhar Suman imitates MC Stan and makes jokes about Shalin Bhanot getting ‘bro-zoned’ by Tina Datta and ‘dead-zoned’ by Sumbul Touqeer.
Shekhar Suman returned to the Bigg Boss 16 house on Sunday with yet another bulletin, but this time the actor-host dressed up as rapper MC Stan.
Shekhar Suman appeared on Bigg Boss 16 as participant and rapper MC Stan for his weekly briefing. He was dressed in a shiny jacket, a large ‘HINDI’ locket, and sunglasses. He also had dreadlocks and a phoney goatee. He began his qawalli in the home by mocking MC Stan’s Hindi-English lexicon. During his qawalli, he also poked fun of Shalin Bhanot’s co-contestants putting him in several “zones.”
Shekhar Suman moved his emphasis to Archana Gautam after mocking MC Stan with samples of some amusing English to Hindi translations. He inquired about her hair-growth method. He added how she suggested using soot from a truck’s silencer to encourage hair growth and informed her, “Lagta hai tune wo apni jeeb pe lagali, zubaan lambi ho gai” (it appears you applied the soot on your tongue to grow it even longer).
Shekhar then proceeded to mock Shalin and his relationships with several contenders. Concerning his objection to Tina Datta calling him ‘bhai (brother),’ Shekhar explained how he does her raksha (protection) and their bond (bandhan) is also excellent, making it ‘Raksha Bandhan.’ This sent Shalin and Tina, who were sitting next to each other, into fits.
He further claimed that Tina ‘bro-zoned’ Shalin, Soundarya Sharma ‘friend-zoned’ him, and Sumbul Touqeer Khan ‘dead-zoned’ him.
“Hahaha this is really funny!” said one watcher of Shekhar’s rap music video. “Love you shekhar suman sir aap bb me aake maja la dete hai (you give fun to Bigg Boss),” remarked another. Many others regarded his rap performance to be tedious as well. Some others wondered why Shekhar was returning when his last section was meant to be his last.

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