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Shah Rukh Khan’s friends and family shunned him once he rose to fame

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Shah Rukh Khan recalled how some of his friends and family members stopped speaking to him once he got famous because they thought he had changed as a person in an old column he used to write.

About Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan is a multi-talented individual. Yes, he is a famous actor, but he is also an excellent public speaker and, in the opinion of many who have attended his events, a fantastic host.

However, he used to write a column for DNA where he discussed his life, profession, celebrity, and family. Shah Rukh talked about the idea of loyalty and what it means to him in one of his 2014 columns.

He recounted how his own family regarded him differently in the years right after he became famous. Even some of them were unwilling to speak with him. He lamented that “friends and even family started to ignore me at gatherings, and some even cast me unfavourable glances” in his letter.

This abrupt change left me perplexed. Sometimes I felt insecure because I thought maybe they didn’t like the movies or roles I chose! Later, I discovered the cause. They always gave the same response. Much has changed about you. Naturally, I had.

Shah Rukh claimed, “From being a non-entity, poor, orphan, I had become a household name. I had amassed wealth, fame, and most importantly, a tonne of work. I believed it should have made those who loved me happy, but instead, they were angry with me because they thought I had acted differently toward them.

Planned Aspects
I was attempting to find some sort of purpose in the craziness that had sent me into the stratosphere. Most individuals, though, didn’t comprehend that. Some still believe that I “ditched” them. As if I had planned every aspect of the situation and knew my entire life that I would achieve fame and leave them behind.

Shah Rukh went on to say that although he “liked those folks,” perhaps too much time had passed for them to act the way they did toward one another. He emphasised that although things had changed, he had not. “My father taught me to stand by the people I care about, no matter what,” Shah Rukh added.

I remember what he used to say about loyalty. Not because they were superior to others, but rather because I decided to look after them. This decision felt to me like a lifetime agreement I had with myself. To support them means to remain true to my innermost emotions. It requires some emotional toughness.

Birthday Celebration
Shah Rukh celebrated his 57th birthday with his followers on Wednesday. At midnight, a sizable throng had gathered in front of his house; he welcomed them, and the next morning, he unveiled the first teaser for his new movie, Pathaan.

Shah Rukh makes his first appearance in a leading role in four years in the action-thriller.

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