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S S Rajamouli is on”top of the world” as James Cameron says he watched RRR twice.

RRR has been an incredible movie and has continued its march towards global dominance. After scoring Golden Globes for the best song Naatu Naatu, the film has been awarded at the Critics Choice Awards. The dance was so catchy and won for the best song and the film capture Best Foreign Language Film Award. While the of RRR is over the moon with the wins, when it came as chery on the cake because the top film maker James Cameron’s praise for RRR at the event. Its been a great opportunity for RRR team that James has seen that movie 3 time.
S S Rajamouli was overwhelmed when he got response from the director of Avtaar and Titanic, James Cameron praised the film and team of RRR. The great director James Cameron watched RRR and was entertained by film RRR. He liked the movie too much that he recommended RRR to his wife Suzy to watch this film and he also watched that movie again with her
Rajamouli has tweeted on twitter “Sir i still cannot believe you spent a whole 10 minutes with us just analyzing our film. As you said i m on the top of the world. Thank you sir. It was a moment for Rajamouli and he is glad and honoured for this beautiful and memorable meeting with him
Alia Bhatt who had an extended cameo in the film also shared one screenshot on her instagram story with the caption,”ufff, what a beautiful morning”.

MM Keeravani, a music composer, accepted the Critics Choice Award for his song “Naatu Naatu” and expressed his gratitude at the ceremony. He thanked his team and said he was overwhelmed. He also explained that the song’s success was due to its uniqueness and freshness, which caught global attention for the first time. He accepted the award on behalf of the choreographer, lyric writer, director, and programmers.

RRR is a film that became a global sensation after its release in March 2020 and streaming on Netflix. Western filmmakers, including James Cameron, have praised the film. The film’s Twitter handle shared the message after a journalist tweeted that James Cameron admires RRR.

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