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Royal Challengers Bangalore takes a step toward the playoffs.

IPL 2023 is about to end now, and before that play, all the teams are expected to enter it; after that, they go ahead and, by qualifying, the number of matches they will play in qualifiers, semi-finals, and finals. For this, the whole team is trying its best to secure its place in the team, and the matches which are happening one after the other are getting very close, and the team has lost by going very close or winning by going very close. Because from here, no one wants to back down, and those who have hope to go further do not want to look back at all; they want to secure their place in the top 4 by registering consecutive wins.

If any team loses from here, then they will go back to their home because then their place in the playoffs is not made, so now the teams which are below She is winning the match, she is coming upwards immediately, and if we look at the points table, then the points table looks very exciting because if the points of all the teams in it become the same, then they’re The decision will be made by the net run rate and the team whose net run rate will be excellent will be able to travel further. That team will lose from here and go toward its home.

Virat Kohli scored his first century in this IPL.

Yesterday’s match was played against Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad, where it was seen that Sunrisers Hyderabad had no option but to win. Still, if they lose from here, they will be straight out of the IPL tomorrow. The Hyderabad team lost very well, and their team is out. Royal Challengers Bangalore and Sunrisers Hyderabad played a match, then Royal Challengers Bangalore invited Sunrisers Hyderabad to bat first, and they scored 188 runs while batting. In this, Kalasan scored a brilliant century, and by scoring a century, he worked very hard to take his team toward victory, but his team still could not win the match.
At the same time, Virat Kohli batted very well in this IPL.

Still, he has not scored a century in this IPL, and his team has not been able to score a century yet, so Virat Kohli has been batting well since the last matches. Still, He gets out after getting a good score, but yesterday he did not do so, and he chased this target and scored a brilliant century. He scored this century in just 50 balls, after which his team went towards victory. However, the century of Virat Kohli got out early after applying, and Maxwell came and won the team; along with this, Royal Challengers Bangalore’s hopes remain intact inside this IPL, and Royal Challengers Bangalore’s team can make it to the top 4, and qualify for the qualifiers.

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