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Prices, unemployment, and upbeat Opp: The BJP gets ready for hiccups before the local elections

As the BJP wagers on Modi’s popularity, it promises 10 lakh jobs and changes the course of the Rozgar Mela.
The BJP has taken actions in preparation of the need to push back on the economic front, including the Rozgar Mela, the pledge of 10 lakh government employment, and a greater emphasis on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity in the party’s campaign.
Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh will serve as significant rest stations this winter on the journey to 2024. The duty is cut out, according to sources within the party. The Aam Aadmi Party, which is demonstrating quick learning, Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra, which has drawn audiences for 50 days, and the potential for coalition formation among opposition parties are all issues that the party must deal with. While none of them may present a sufficient electoral challenge, the BJP is aware of the immense power of perception.
Party officials claim that rising costs are a worldwide issue linked to numerous causes that are mainly beyond the government’s capacity to regulate. Some claim that unemployment never directly affects election outcomes. This was seen in the most recent elections in Uttar Pradesh, where voters brought up unemployment in conversation but it had no effect on the final outcome.
However, with global markets hammered and the Ukraine-Russia war driving up energy prices, the economic landscape may be headed for even more turbulent times. This might give the Modi administration very little room to provide economic relief. The first step was taken by the Prime Minister, who personally distributed appointment letters as part of the Rozgar Mela and pledged to create 10 lakh government jobs over the next 18 months.
There are various difficulties at the state level as well. Many party members have reason for optimism after learning of Sunil Bansal’s nomination as in-charge in West Bengal. Bansal is credited with effectively implementing Home Minister Amit Shah’s electoral plan in Uttar Pradesh. But given the chaos in the organization, replicating the performance of 18 seats in 2019 is seen as a struggle.
After JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar parted from the NDA in Bihar, the BJP has found it difficult to put its act together. Last time around, it had partnered with the JD and won 17 seats in this area (U).
The BJD still controls state politics in Odisha, which is under Naveen Patnaik’s administration. Given that the YSRCP, the state’s ruling party, is primarily a friend, the party has not truly taken hold in Andhra Pradesh. The BJP faces a hurdle in turning its significant organizational and campaign expenditures in the neighboring state of Telangana into election victories.
The BJP is dealing with a mutiny among its members in the state of Himachal Pradesh, where polling is scheduled for November 12. There is discontent among the party’s cadre due to anti-incumbency and the fact that many people are running against the party’s official nominees. While the BJP had won all four of the Lok Sabha seats in Himachal in 2019, the Congress gained one of them in a byelection last year.
The Uri surgical strikes and the Balakot incident continued to support the BJP narrative that Modi was the leader the nation needed, boosting it to 303 seats in the Lok Sabha even in 2019. The recent comments by Rajnath Singh, the defense minister, saying India under PM Modi had as its goal regaining Gilgit and Baltistan in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, are cited by sources as evidence of a return to a similar strong messaging strategy. We’ve just started heading north on our trek. When we reach the remaining areas of (PoK), Gilgit, and Baltistan, the journey would come to a close, he declared last week.

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