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PM Modi to launch A drive to recruit 10 lakh people

The PMO announced on Thursday that on October 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch “Rozgar Mela,” a campaign to hire 10 lakh individuals. 75,000 applicants will receive appointment letters at the ceremony, and Modi will watch the proceedings through video conference.

According to the PMO, this will be a significant step toward the prime minister’s ongoing commitment to safeguarding citizen welfare and supplying job opportunities for the youth.

This will be a crucial step in the Prime Minister’s continuous efforts to protect citizen welfare and give youth employment opportunities. According to the Prime Minister’s instructions, all ministries and departments are operating in “Mission Mode” to fill open positions that have been authorised, according to a PMO statement.

The 38 ministries and departments of the Indian government will welcome the new hires, who were chosen from around the nation. Group-A, Group-B (gazetted), Group-B (non-gazetted), and Group-C appointees will all enter the government at different levels. The positions being filled include members of the central armed police forces, sub inspectors, constables, LDCs, stenographers, PAs, income tax inspectors, and MTSs, among others.

These hirings are done by ministries and departments on their own or through staffing agencies like UPSC, SSC, and the Railway Recruitment Board. Selection procedures have been streamlined and made tech-enabled for quick hiring, according to the PMO.

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The Prime Minister’s Office announced the hiring decision via a tweet that read, “PM Narendra Modi examined the situation of Human Resources in all departments and ministries and demanded that recruitment of 10 lakh persons be done by the Government in mission mode in the next 1.5 years.

Several ministries, including the Home and the Education, stated shortly after the news that they would be moving quickly to fill their openings.

Political observers believe that the government’s decision to announce the jobs in a big way is an acknowledgment of the resonance of the unemployment issue in a segment of society, especially among young people, and highlights its attempt to address their concerns before they may become a more potent issue in the hands of the opposition during the forthcoming elections, including the crucial 2024 Lok Sabha elections expected in April or May.

Amit Shah, the home minister, praised the recruitment effort and said that Modi has been working hard to empower young people as the backbone of the “new India.” He claimed that his decision to hire 10 lakh people in the upcoming 18 months will give them newfound hope and confidence and that the “Agnipath” scheme is a revolutionary idea.

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