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PM Modi advocates for “One Nation, One Uniform” for police at the home ministry’s Chintan Shivir.

The PM further asserts that Naxalism must be eradicated, whether it is the one with firearms or the one with pens, and that people must be educated to seek confirmation from ten sources before sharing any information on social media.
The proposal of one nation, one police uniform was raised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. He urged states to take into consideration a single uniform for police across the nation, with states free to have their number or emblem.
Modi remarked, The ‘one nation, one uniform for police’ is simply an idea. It was delivered through videoconference to the Chintan Shivir of state Home Ministers and police chiefs in Surajkund near Delhi. I’m not attempting to pressure you into doing it. Just think about it. The next five, fifty, or one hundred years could see it happen. States should just consider it.
He claimed that by doing this, all cops across the nation will have the same appearance. There is currently just one nation per ration card, one nation per mobility card, one nation per grid, and one nation per sign language in our nation. Similarly to these, every state ought to consider implementing a standard one-nation policy. Citizens will recognize police officers across the nation, giving law enforcement a uniform identity. Police uniforms ought to be recognizable across the nation, much like a post box has a distinctive character, according to him.
Regarding social media, Modi said that its usage shouldn’t be restricted to information gathering because even one piece of fake news has the potential to grow into a major issue for the country.
We saw the spread of false information and the resulting violence during the reserve issue. Even though everything was resolved after 5 to 6 hours, we still suffered damages. People need to be educated on the importance of analyzing and validating any piece of information from 10 sources before disseminating it. To stop the propagation of false information, we must develop new technologies, he stated.
The prime minister emphasized the necessity to destroy the terrorists’ underground network and claimed that each government is making an effort to play its part to the best of its ability.
More than ever, we need to work together to address the situation. To stop them from deceiving the country’s youth, all manifestations of Naxalism—whether they use guns or words—must be put an end to, he said.
He stated, For the sake of the unity and integrity of the nation, and with the inspiration of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, we cannot allow such forces to grow in our country. Such forces are widening their intellectual sphere to mislead the minds of the next generations. Such forces receive substantial international assistance.
According to him, the number of Naxalite-affected districts in the nation has drastically decreased over the past eight years. Whether it’s Jammu & Kashmir or the North East, we are currently making rapid progress toward long-term peace. We now need to concentrate on achieving strong growth in each of these sectors, including infrastructure, he said.
To combat crime and criminals, he urged states to work closely together. According to him, as more interstate and international crimes are occurring regularly, it is essential for state agencies to cooperate and with federal authorities.
According to Modi, the Central government’s laws make it apparent that it is willing to take a firm stand against corruption, terrorism, and hawala. He claimed that laws like the UAPA had strengthened the system and enabled it to win the war against terrorism.
Later that evening, reports claimed that participants had come to the consensus that internal security is a joint federal and state responsibility and that everyone must work with the spirit of Team India.

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