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Peace is Impossible Without Power, says the Prime Minister in his Diwali message to Kargil soldiers.

PM Modi spoke to the soldiers in Kargil as his “family,” saying he couldn’t have had a happier Diwali without them.
New Delhi, India – Peace is hard to achieve without power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told soldiers in Kargil, even though his administration has always viewed violence as the last resort. PM Modi is in Kargil to celebrate Diwali with troops stationed there.

We have always regarded war as a last resort. Whether it happened in Lanka or Kurukshetra, every attempt was taken to prevent it till the end. We support international peace PM Modi stated.
The Prime Minister spoke to soldiers as family, saying he couldn’t have had a better Diwali without them. He also lauded their gallantry, claiming that there has never been a conflict with Pakistan in which Kargil has not triumphed.
The sweetness and brightness of my Diwali is among you, he said to the soldiers.
He praised the men for their gallantry, saying that Drass, Batalik, and Tiger Hill had witnessed their valour. Our military were able to eliminate terrorists in Kargil. I was present at the event He stated.
India is currently seen as a global power. While you guard our borders, we are taking a firm stance against our adversaries. If we are challenged, our military forces know how to respond to the adversary in their own language He stated.

Since taking office in 2014, the Prime Minister has been celebrating Diwali at various military locations, claiming that the three armed forces – the Army, Navy, and Air Force – have made efforts to lessen their reliance on foreign equipment.

When a country’s borders are safe and its economy is robust, it is secure. India’s economy has risen from tenth to fifth place in the last seven and a half years He continued.
According to Prime Minister Modi, the Indian flag has served as a protective shield for residents trapped in war-torn Ukraine.
He blamed past governments for corruption and said misgovernance had limited the country’s potential for progress.

The country is currently engaged in a decisive struggle against corruption. No matter how powerful the corrupt is, he will not be able to flee, let alone survive. For a long time, misgovernance hampered the country’s potential and stymied our progress PM Modi stated.

Our might will expand with the entry of our daughters in the Indian Army, the Prime Minister remarked of the recruitment of female cadets into the armed services.
The Prime Minister landed in Kargil earlier in the day and took to social media to wish everyone a Happy Diwali.
Everyone should have a Happy Diwali. Diwali is connected with brilliance and brightness. May this auspicious occasion help to spread pleasure and happiness in our lives. I wish you a wonderful Diwali with your family and friends He tweeted about it.

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