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Mouni Roy attends FIFA with husband Suraj Nambiar

Mouni Roy was amongst the numerous Bollywood celebrities who cheered loud from the colosseum at the on- going FIFA World Cup. Roy, who attended a match in Qatar with her hubby Suraj Nambiar, described us the experience of watching a FIFA match live. The 37- time-old says, “ It’s fluently one of the most memorable moments of my life. further than,000 suckers – utmost of who were Argentina sympathizers chanting and cheering. It really was surreal. Qatar has done a phenomenal job of hosting it. ”
Ask if her love for the sport dates back to her roots or was it her hubby who introduced her to the football madness, the Brahmastra actor asserts, “ Yes, being Bengali means that grew up around football. Both my family and hubby are massive football suckers, so I do try and keep up with the important games. It’s funny but my family is a Real Madrid addict and my hubby is a Barcelona addict so I ’m wedged in between a domestic El Clasico. ”
Mouni Roy on Instagram participated a couple of filmland from the venue spreading the FIFA fever on social media. slipping a football jersey of platoon Argentina, Roy revealed how she and her hubby screamed on top of their voices participating, “ Suraj is a massive Argentina, Barcelona and Messi addict, so we generally watch the big games together. I ’ve seen tons of Messi highlights and it truly is amazing how Messi brings out art in the game. ” Ask who’s her favourite football player piecemeal from Messi, Mouni Roy says, “ Barring Messi, I ’d have to say Neymar. I like that he plays football with so important faculty. I also love that Messi and him are stylish musketeers and that always look out for each other like family. Plus he’s quite swish which helps! ”
Mouni Roy also shares one memory she’ll always cherish from the game. “ utmost cherished memory has to be the recent one- my hubby and I watching Messi and Argentina win in the world mug quarter final game that went all the way to the penalties ”, asserts Roy.

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