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Ministers take oath in Karnataka

The Karnataka government has been formed and all the ministers have been assigned the cabinet ministries by the Chief Minister over the period of time. It is a huge victory for the political party that the party has been successful in the political manifesto. This strength of the cabinet has been increased to 34 and this is the maximum number of the ministers which the constitution of the country allows. The Chief Minister of Karnataka has decided to maintain diversity in this cabinet by including the ministers belonging to different community and caste groups so that the interest of every community is represented before the legislative body of the state. Some of the people also belong to lingayat community and few of them belong to scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribes.

It is important to understand that a representation has been given to the backward community because this was one of the most important agenda of the Congress government. Congress had made a comeback after so many years and they wanted to change the system of government formation which the BJP government has been following for so many years. In the light of all of these developments it became important to take into consideration all the ministers belonging to different sectors and also acknowledge their expertise. The collaboration of different types of Ministries is completed now and the official ceremony has also been conducted. The duties will be resumed as soon as possible and the new government will start discharging the functions which have been imposed by the constitution of the country for the betterment of the state. It is important to understand that all of the declarations have been taken into consideration for the time being in order to complete the formalities which are associated with the formation of the new government.

The size of the Assembly comprises 220 members. This has been completely taken over by the Congress government because they have ended up winning 135 seats and this has been for the first time that such a huge number of the seats have been bagged by the Congress government. The people were not satisfied by the way in which the BJP government was taking the decisions and it was a time to introduce the changes in order to teach all the political parties a lesson that the people want is the stability of the government and it is only possible with the help of complete awareness in this subject matter. This is a big achievement for all the political parties and this will help to take a proper factor into consideration

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