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Militancy activities on surge in Kashmir

An armed encounter took place between the security forces of Kashmir and lashkar e Taiba militants on Thursday. The security system has been tightened in Kashmir ever since then. The two terrorists have identified themselves as Shakeel and Ahmed. According to the sources they have joined the militancy since March 2023. The police authorities have already commenced the investigations in order to unravel their source and get an idea about the groups to which they are affiliated to. This information is extremely important in order to get an idea about the upcoming attacks and militant activities in Kashmir. The additional director general of police in Kashmir has already given all the commands to extract the information from these terrorists by using any methods.

The security forces in Kashmir were able to control the situation in an hour but this has been able to create instability among the people of Kashmir once again. The number of such attacks has been Rising over the period of time and this has been able to affect the efforts of the government to restore peace in the community. It was only on 3rd May 2023 that 2 militants were killed during an encounter at the Line of Actual Control. The government is worried because all of these incidents are happening when Kashmir is preparing to host the G20 meeting. According to the sources the militancy groups are planning to create instability and insecurity in the region. All of this has been able to affect the international impression of India in front of the delegates that have come from different parts of the world to Kashmir for attending the meeting.

The militants have been captured since then and the interrogations are being carried in order to know more about their history. The security in the region has also been enhanced so that no such Encounters are further reported until and unless the meeting has been successfully concluded. The government has decided to post different types of security forces across the borders so that a better development could be achieved over the period of time. The central Reserve Police Force has also reached the borders so as to control such kind of activities to the greatest possible extent. It is expected that curfew would be imposed in the city for the entire month of May so that no such kind of activities are reported and the people are also protected from these hazards. The official notification would be released in this regard and all the schools and colleges would be shut again. It is a major destruction in the livelihood of Kashmir but life is not possible without all these measures.

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