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Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan’s house, gets a new ‘diamond’ nameplate and gate, and admirers are trending it on Twitter.

After months of speculation, Shah Rukh Khan’s Bandra house Mannat has a new nameplate and a new entrance gate, prompting fans to take photos and trend it on Twitter. Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan’s Bandra mansion, has a new makeover. The popular landmark just received a new LED nameplate that lights up at night, as well as a new entrance gate. They frequently visit the house’s fa├žade to take photos and selfies, and the actor addresses fans from a platform above it on special occasions. Fans tweeted about the new design, and the house even trended On Sunday.

Several followers and Shah Rukh fan organizations tweeted images of Mannat’s new exterior on Saturday night and Sunday. Earlier this year, the nameplate in front of the gate was removed amid claims that it was being repaired. A new nameplate, dubbed a “diamond nameplate” by many admirers, has now been affixed. The LED plate wasn’t the only item that had changed; the gate had also been altered. The old, rusted gate was replaced with a new black and white painted gate.

“Finally our wait is over & here are the magnificent diamond name plates at Mannat with the new Gate,” a fan club tweeted, along with photos and videos from Mannat. The photos displayed the new name plates In the dark, I read Mannat and Lands End. On Sunday, several other fan organizations uploaded photos from the day as well. Fans were photographed in front of the new gate, with some even imitating Shah Rukh’s iconic raised arms posture.

Mannat was trending in April as a new nameplate was erected at the gate after years. However, admirers noticed that the new nameplate was missing less than a month later. Several admirers worried that it was stolen, while others pointed out that considering the security situation at Shah Rukh’s mansion, it is improbable. Some speculated that it was part of Gauri Khan’s interior (or exterior?) design experiment. According to a source, “it was pulled down for maintenance.” It’s located within the house, actually in the garden, and will be returned once restored.” That nameplate was never replaced, but six months later, a new one has finally taken its place.

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