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Man dismembers his live-in lover into 35 pieces and scatters the corpse parts throughout Delhi.

According to the reports, Aaftab Poonawala met the second woman, a psychologist, on Bumble, the same dating app where he met Walker for the first time in 2019. On May 18, during a fight, the defendant choked the victim out of rage. According to the authorities, he then cut her body into 35 pieces, purchased a refrigerator, and stored them inside. A guy has been detained by Delhi police on suspicion of killing his live-in spouse, dismembering her body into 35 pieces, and dispersing the pieces over the city.
The accused, a trained chef, managed to avoid capture for six months while continuing to reside in the property they shared. It wasn’t until early Saturday that he was apprehended after details of the murder and its gruesome aftermath emerged during his interrogation. Through an internet dating service, Aaftab Amin Poonawala and the dead Shraddha Walker (28), had first connected. According to Delhi police officers, they later started working in a call center in Mumbai and fell in love. When their families refused to acknowledge their relationship, the pair moved to Delhi and began living in a rented apartment in the Chhatarpur neighborhood, Mehrauli police told news organizations.
According to the authorities, the accused killed her when she began pressuring him into marriage. They claim that during a quarrel on May 18, the accused strangled the victim before chopping her body into 35 pieces. Poonawala said to the police that the American crime drama “Dexter” served as inspiration for the plan to dismember her body. Along with purchasing the refrigerator to store the body parts, he also loaded up on incense sticks and air fresheners to mask the obnoxious scent coming from the corpse. Later, he began dumping the body parts at various spots in and around Delhi at night. 13 body pieces were reportedly discovered after the accused identified the locations where he had thrown them, but only after their forensic analysis can it be determined whether they indeed belong to the victim. The murder weapon is still unidentified.
Poonawala allegedly communicated with the woman’s acquaintances on her social media accounts for a few weeks after the murder to avoid drawing attention to himself. Since her family had protested to their connection, Walker was not speaking to them. The accused carried on with his life as if nothing had happened, staying put where they had relocated to from Mumbai in May. When one of the victim’s friends in Mumbai alerted the victim’s father in September that Walker’s phone had not been reachable for two months and Poonawala claimed that they had broken up some time ago, the victim’s father in Mumbai filed a complaint.
According to Ankit Chauhan, Additional DCP-I for the South district, the woman and her family do not get along because of their disagreements regarding her relationship with Poonawala. According to the victim’s father’s allegation, Poonawala beat Walker on numerous occasions and had previously told her family about it. “The woman’s father approached the defendant after learning that the lovers had previously broken up. The man subsequently reported his daughter missing after being unable to reach her,” said Chauhan.
What kind of vicious individuals exist in our culture. She made reference to the incident in a tweet in Hindi in which she stated that the offender had been apprehended by the police and that the cruel man should receive severe punishment. According to Ved Bhushan, a former ACP of the Delhi Police, “Aftab watched the Dexter series to obliterate evidence, sliced body parts into 35 pieces, and carefully dumped body parts in the surrounding bush. She was active on social media, so her father contacted Mumbai Police when she was not. After that, the investigation moved to Delhi. Scientific proof is on hand against Aftab. This is a conviction case.

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