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Ludhiana turns into a pool of blood after the deadly gas leak

Sunday morning became a nightmare for Ludhiana as the deadly gas leak killed around 11 people. The rest of the 11 people are admitted to the nearest hospital due to fatal injuries caused by a deadly gas leak.
One of the top officials said the whole area is put under surveillance after the gas leak occurred in the morning. NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) team arrived at the incident spot immediately to rescue the people on the site. The team wore a mask and asked the locals to stay away from the incident spot.
11 dead and many others were found unconscious
11 residents were killed by the gas attack. Apart from that, the leak also made many other people unconscious in the nearby areas. The whole area was sealed off by the Police and NDRF team.
According to a report, many residents also faced breathing problems after the gas leak in the area. They were all taken out by the NDRF team and admitted to the hospital for an immediate cure.
The source of this gas leak is not yet found. But the officials say that the leak might have occurred from the manholes.
Deputy Commissioner’s statement
Surabhi Malik, the Deputy Commissioner of Ludhiana said that they will collect some samples from the manhole to check the exact source of the gas leak. She also further added that the gas leak might have occurred due to some chemical reactions in manholes.
India’s worst gas leak incidents
Sunday’s Ludhiana gas leak is not the first fatal deadly gas leak. India has seen some of the worst gas leaks in the past. The gas tragedy of Bhopal in 1984 killed around 2500 people and many others were severely injured. The tragedy also shows its after-effects in many people today.
Another deadly gas leak occurred in the year 2020 at a chemical plant in Andhra Pradesh. One such incident occurred in a school in southern New Delhi where 200 students were taken to the hospital due to a gas leak.

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