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Launched in India: Amazon’s third-generation Fire TV Cube and a new Alexa remote: Here is what’s new.

Yesterday, Amazon unveiled a number of new items, including the Third Generation Fire TV cube, an Alexa Voice Remote Pro, and a new Kindle Scribe e-reader. Users can register on the Amazon India website to receive notifications when the Fire TV Cube becomes available in their country.
Price in India for Amazon Fire TV Cube (3rd Gen) and Alexa Voice Remote Pro
The third generation Amazon Fire TV Cube will set you back Rs 13,999. The price of the Alexa Voice Remote Pro is Rs 2,499. The remote is accessible as of right now.
Details and features of the third-generation Amazon Fire TV Cube
The newest Fire TV streaming player from Amazon, the Fire TV Cube with Alexa control, features a speedier octa-core processor and Wi-Fi 6 compatibility. Cinematic 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, HDR, and enveloping Dolby Atmos audio are all supported with the Fire TV Cube. Additionally, it has an HDMI input connector and Super Quality Up scaling, which upscale low-resolution content to high resolution for improved viewing.
According to Amazon, the new processor increases its power by 20% over the previous version. Customers can use the Fire TV Cube to operate their TV, set-top box, and access on-demand streaming. Additionally, it has a second USB port that may be used to connect to compatible webcams for video calls. Alexa can then be used by users to initiate the video call.
What distinguishes Amazon’s new e-Reader from earlier models?
If a wired network connection is required, the device also has a new Ethernet port in addition to WiFi support. Additionally, the Fire TV Cube supports Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA), which enables users to immediately connect Bluetooth hearing aids that are compatible with the device.
The Alexa Voice Remote Pro, a new premium remote that Amazon has unveiled, is meant to “allow customers spend more time streaming and less time searching for the remote.” The majority of Smart TVs and Fire TV streaming media players include Fire TV are compatible with this remote.
This has a brand-new “Remote Finder feature” to make it simpler for users to locate lost remote controls. In order to make it simpler to access one’s favourite content, the remote now contains two new programmable buttons. Additionally, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro has motion-activated backlit keys that turn on when the remote is picked up in dimly lit areas.
Alexa Voice Remote Pro: Details
A remote finder feature, programmable buttons, and motion-activated backlit buttons are all included with the Alexa Voice Remote Pro. It contains an inside speaker that emits an audible ring to aid with remote location. Simply say, “Alexa, find my remote,” or use the remote finder option on the Fire TV app to search the remote. Two programmable buttons on the remote control provide quick access to Alexa instructions and streaming apps. When the remote is picked up in dim light, the motion-activated backlit buttons light up.
Compatibility with Alexa Voice Remote Pro includes:
Cube TV Fire (1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation)
4K Max Fire TV Stick
4K Fire TV Stick
Stick Fire TV (2nd, 3rd Generation)
Lite Fire TV Stick
‘Fire TV’ (3rd Generation, Pendant Design)
Fire TV Omni Series on Amazon
Fire TV 4 series from Amazon
Fire TV-enabled Toshiba Smart 4K UHD TV
Fire TV-enabled Toshiba Smart HD 1080p TV
Fire TV and Toshiba Smart 4K UHD with Dolby Vision
Fire TV and Insignia Smart 4K UHD TV
Smart HD 720p Insignia Class F20 Series – Fire TV

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