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Lack of connection at tunnel takes away the life of a young boy

A New tunnel has been developed in Pragati Maidan in New Delhi for the safety of the passengers and management of the traffic congestion. But a teenager who was injured in a bike accident going through this tunnel ultimately died because there was no signal available inside it due to which he could not call any ambulance and failed to reach the hospital on time. The accident took place on Tuesday. There was no connectivity available inside the tunnel due to which it was not possible to contact any of the emergency numbers on time. The biker named Rajan had injured his head badly. All the passersby also found it difficult to connect to any ambulance or Hospital in that 1.3 km long term. Due to the excessive delay in getting the treatment, the biker died while he was being taken to the hospital. The entire incident has been brought to the notice of Delhi government and a legal action will be taken against the government because a passenger could not take an emergency measure at the time of the stress. This is nothing but a failure of the government services to protect the health of all the people at large.

The entire tunnel has been built properly with all the state of the art facilities for the safety of the passengers. All the roads have been properly built and they are installed with smart management systems including the CCTV cameras which have been installed everywhere. This particular tunnel was inaugurated last year and is one of the most important underpasses of Delhi which helps to manage a lot of traffic during the day. It is important to know that the government has decided to install the towers inside the tunnel so that proper connectivity is ensured to all the people who go through the tunnel. The injured passenger died because he could not get the medical assistant on time because there was no signal available inside the tunnel due to which it became difficult for the injured person and the passengers to contact an ambulance as soon as possible so that he could be taken to the hospital. The government has expressed the deepest concern on the safety of all the people and will definitely try its level best.

All of these efforts will help to protect the people to the maximum possible extent and will also try to improve the quality of the governance in the long run. Different people have been complaining against the condition of the roads and at the same point of time the issue of connectivity at these kind of tunnels has always been a point of contention. It is definitely up to the government to decide what it will do next in order to improve the quality of the governance. This will help to make sure that the government takes all the possible measures so that the quality of the life of the people can be improved over the period of time and this will be the biggest success of the Aam Aadmi government in Delhi.

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