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Kiccha Sudeep responds to Rashmika Mandanna’s criticism

Kiccha Sudeep responds to Rashmika Mandanna’s criticism for failing to watch Kantara: ‘There will be eggs thrown at you…’
Kiccha Sudeep has reacted to those who have targeted Rashmika Mandanna, stating that once you become a public person, both garlands and stones would be thrown at you.
Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep has replied to Rashmika Mandanna’s criticism after she stated that she had not seen the successful Kannada film Kantara. He has stated that a celebrity’s life is all about collecting garlands and stones.
When asked if she had seen Rishab Shetty’s Kantara, Rashmika said in November that she did not have the time. However, several people accused her of forgetting her roots; Rishab had directed her debut picture, Kirik Party.
In a fresh interview with IndiaGlitz Telugu, Sudeep was questioned if her response was overstated “That’s all there is to it. How can you have an impact on the world? Back 15-20 years, news networks interviewed us, and everything was brand new at the time. But nothing existed but Doordarshan and newspapers while Dr Rajkumar sir was alive.”
“How can you argue they were better because suddenly media is there?” he said. It’s incorrect to suggest that everything is going wrong due of media reports. We must learn to deal with it. We must always progress. And if you become a public figure, you will constantly be showered with garlands, as well as eggs, tomatoes, and stones.”
Rashmika has not explicitly replied to the criticism, but shortly after the ruckus, she posted a lengthy letter on Instagram about dealing with adversity. “A few of things have been bugging me these last few days or weeks or months or maybe even years now and I think it’s time I confront it. I’m simply speaking for myself, which is something I should have done. I’ve been the target of a lot of vitriol since I began my profession. “”I’m a target for a lot of bigots and vitriol out there,” she continued.
“I realise that the life I’ve chosen comes with a price – I recognise that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and certainly don’t expect to be adored by every single person out there. That doesn’t mean you can spew venom instead because you don’t approve of me. Only I know how much effort I put in every day to make you all happy. What I am most concerned with is the joy you derive from my work. “”I’m doing everything I can to create something so both you and I will be proud of,” she added.

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