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Kejriwal invokes Bhagat Singh as AAP reports that Sisodia will be detained tomorrow.

The case involving the Delhi Excise Policy: Manish Sisodia was called in by the CBI on Monday.

As the CBI called Manish Sisodia on Monday at 11 am, Arvind Kejriwal reacted angrily on Sunday. As the excise policy investigation heated up, the Delhi chief minister compared Sisodia to freedom hero Bhagat Singh. Two central agencies, the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate are looking into the 2021-2022 liquor strategy, which has since been abandoned (ED). The case has resulted in three arrests so far, despite denials of any corruption by the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The AAP said that Delhi’s deputy chief minister would be detained tomorrow at a press conference held shortly after the summons.
Neither the confines of a prison nor the thought of hanging could crush Bhagat Singh’s spirit. This battle for independence is the second one. The Delhi Chief Minister referred to Manish Sisodia and Satyendar Jain as today’s Bhagat Singh in a Hindi tweet. He also praised Jain, a Delhi politician who has been imprisoned since the ED detained him earlier this year in connection with a money laundering investigation.
After 75 years, there is now an education minister who is improving education and providing hope to the underprivileged. Kejriwal continued, The prayers of crores of people are with you. As the investigation into the case continues, the Delhi CM has been criticizing the BJP, citing misuse of federal authorities. He even asserted that the BJP was attempting to destabilize the national capital’s current administration while claiming that Sisodia had been offered the chance to switch allegiances.
At a press conference on Sunday afternoon, AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj stated: The CBI of the federal government will detain Sisodia Ji tomorrow. It was asserted that Sisodia had made money through fraud totaling Rs. 10,000 crores.
More than 500 searches have already been conducted by the CBI and the ED. At his home, raids took place. What did they discover after spending 10,000 crores? Was anything discovered? Adding that Sisodia’s bank locker had been checked, he questioned.
They are attempting to do this in preparation for the Gujarat elections, not for the alcohol policy. They’re attempting to stop him. But I want the BJP to know that you are mistaken if you believe that arrests will strengthen the party. Gujaratis and we are aware of the cause He continued, criticizing the party.
On Twitter, Sisodia addressed the summons as well. My residence was the target of 14 hours of CBI raids, but nothing was found. Nothing was found, even after inspecting my bank locker. They looked through my community but found nothing. I have now received a call asking me to visit CBI’s headquarters tomorrow at 11 am. I’ll go and pledge my whole cooperation. I am Satyamev Jayate He composed.

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