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Karan Mehra disputes Charu Asopa’s relationship and intends to sue Rajeev Sen for his claims

Karan Mehra has revealed that he is thinking about suing Rajeev Sen for defamation and has denied having an affair with Charu Asopa.

The marriage of Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa has never been smooth. In September 2022, the couple, who are also the parents of one-year-old Ziana, reconciled. However, their marital problems persisted, and they have since broken up once more. Despite Charu Asopa’s accusations of domestic abuse and infidelity against her estranged husband, Rajeev startled everyone by alleging that Charu was having an affair with Karan Mehra. At this time, Charu and Karan have both replied to the accusations.

Charu Asopa Describes Accusations As “Utter Nuisance”
The accusation made by Rajeev Sen has been deemed untrue by both Charu Asopa and Karan Mehra. Charu stated to Hindustan Times, “This is complete nonsense. I only collaborated with Karan on one program, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, and it has been 12 years since I last saw him. Recently, there was an event when he also showed up, and we had a professional obligation to post one reel. The film contains no romantic moments. Because we are celebrities, we are merely standing there. Nobody will accuse us of having an affair after seeing the reel, according to Usko dekhke koi bol nahi sakta ke Karan aur mera chakar chal Raha hai.”

Karan was unnecessarily included in the mess, so Charu expressed her regret to him. She also expressed regret that Rajeev was attempting to damage the actor’s reputation for his role in Yeh Rishta. She continued by saying that Rajeev’s accusations would not stop her from speaking out. “I find it hard to comprehend that I married this [guy]. He wasn’t there when I was pregnant. He is a father missing now. He has never accompanied us or taken our daughter Ziana to the doctor for any of her vaccinations “She spoke.

Charu, who had charged Rajeev with adultery and domestic abuse, also disclosed: “I put up with the hurt because everyone kept reminding me that I’m from a tiny town and that this is my second marriage. I just want to end this relationship right now. It is becoming harmful for my daughter and me.”

In an interview with ETimes, Karan Mehra asserted that he had spoken to Charu during a promotional event some time in June. He stated: “What kind of relationship is Rajeev referring to? I had a lengthy conversation with Charu in June at a marketing event. We didn’t communicate again until today. Before the incident in issue, I had known Charu for nearly ten years. After the entire Nisha Rawal incident, I moved to Delhi, and Rajeev Sen now charges me in this manner. Just awful.” He further stated that he did not wish to speak with Rajeev Sen. He stated: “I don’t have and don’t want his phone number. I would much rather sue him for defamation.”

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