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Karan Kundrra and Ektaa Kapoor sign a petition : Balaji ex-COO

● Karan Kundrra and Ektaa Kapoor have both urged the government to find the missing Balaji ex-COO and signed a petition.
● Zulfikar Ahmad Khan, the former CEO of Ektaa Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms, has been missing for more than 80 days.

On Friday, producer Ekta Kapoor asked the Kenya Red Cross and the Indian government for assistance in locating Zulfikar Ahmad Khan, the former COO of her company Balaji Telefilms.

Balaji Telefilms Limited
According to a report, Khan went missing in Nairobi during the third week of July. “Our Ex-COO of Balaji Telefilms Limited has disappeared from Nairobi almost three months ago,” Ekta Kapoor wrote alongside a photo of Zulfikar Ahmad Khan in an Instagram post. She kindly asked the Kenya Red Cross and Ministry of External Affairs to look into this.

In the meantime, Karan Kundra encouraged followers to join a petition to track down the former COO of Balaji on Twitter. He would email me images of all the lovely places he travelled to.

Work Experience
I’ve known him for years but worked closely with him while incarcerated. We are concerned since #zulfiqar khan has been gone for more than 75 days. I beg you to sign this petition and spread the word that we want Zulfi back (sic). His loved ones must be going through a lot, and I can only imagine.

Former journalist Zulfikar Ahmad Khan vanished in Nairobi in July. He last spoke to his family 80 days ago, and they still don’t know where he is. Nobody knows where he is and it has been almost 80 days. Kenyan local police are inept. The High Court of the Land has ordered them to turn over Zulfi, but they are unsure of his whereabouts, according to a statement from Khan’s family, which was quoted by the outlet.

The family has also urged the Kenyan High Commission and the Indian High Commission to look into the situation and locate Zulfikar. “We are unaware of any serious search efforts to locate him. We are unsure if the Indian government has asked Kenya to provide an explanation for their missing person. We are unsure if our own High Commission in Kenya is offering any assistance,” the message continued.

Khan formerly worked for Star India, where he rose to the position of Senior Vice-President of Advertising Sales. He did, however, leave Balaji last year.

Zulfikar Ahmad Khan reportedly enjoyed travelling, which is why he visited Kenya last summer. He has been missing ever since Kenyan police later discovered his car.

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