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Japan PM Fumio Kishida tickles taste buds with authentic Indian cuisine

It has been just a few hours since Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited India. His visit to India surely shows the stronger relations that both countries will develop in the coming years.
On Monday, the PM of Japan announced a huge plan for Indo-Pacific. These plans will improve the relationship between the two powerful nations. The announcement was done in New Delhi on Monday.
4 pillars of the Indo-Pacific plan
Japan’s PM described the four major pillars of the free Indo-Pacific plan today in the speech. They are keeping the peace, establishing global connectivity through different platforms, solving global issues with Indo-Pacific nations, and safeguarding seas and the sky.
Kishida further told that he would invest around $75 billion in the Indo-Pacific plan through yen loans and private investments. PM Kishida also added that a government grant will be used to expand this plan.
Japan’s PM tastes tasty Indian food
On his visit to India, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida tried a variety of Indian delicacies with Indian PM Modi. Kishida tried famous Indian dishes such as “Aam Panna”, “Golgappe” and “Lassi” at Buddha Jayanti Park in New Delhi.
PM Narendra Modi shared these friendly moments through a Facebook video. He also gave a catchy title of his friend enjoying Gol-Gappas. PM Modi also explained how lassi is prepared and both leaders can be seen enjoying this sweet beverage in the video.
Other developments in the meeting
Talks between the PMs of both countries went on for a long time. Japanese PM discussed the ways to develop strong relationships between Japan and India in defense, trade, and technology.
Both PMs will also discuss the things related to G20 India’s Presidency and G7 Japan’s presidency.
The Japanese PM’s visit will last for about 27 hours.

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