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Indian Navy to help china in rescue operations

The Indian Navy is always known for helping out its neighbours to the maximum possible extent. According to the sources the Indian Navy has positively responded to the request from the Chinese Navy in order to offer assistance with respect to searching for Chinese fishing vessels. This particular vessels sank in the Indian Ocean and since then around 39 people have been reported to be missing out of which 17 were the crew members and other 17 were the natives of Indonesia. India is not the only country from which China is seeking assistance in the rescue operation. It has also requested other countries in order to search for the vessel which has been stuck in international waters for a week now. This particular aircraft will be able to carry out multiple and extensive research operations. This particular aircraft is also not affected by the adversity of weather. It will definitely help China to get back its vessel as soon as possible.

The Indian Navy has been able to fulfil all the obligations towards India in the capacity of being a responsible partner in order to ensure the safety at sea.a. According to the report of the internal sources the investigation is ongoing at the scene of the incident and two bodies have been discovered. The Chinese team have identified these two bodies to be that of the crew members. The search operations are already underway. The capacity of the board has been increased in order to search for a longer duration of time. Australia has also offered its assistance in this Search and rescue operation. Until now around 5000 km towards the western part of Australia has been covered by the Indian Navy in Association with the Chinese and Australian conglomerate. Until now all the countries who were responsible to conduct this operation have given their best dedication in this entire effort.

After investigating the entire region the exact area of operation has been identified and all of the countries are working in that area in order to rescue the body. Until now the bodies of whole indonesians have been recovered and they have been sent for identification to the relevant authorities. The governments of Maldives and Australia including that of Sri Lanka have sent the entire crew members for the completion of the survey. This is definitely very important and it will also help to improve the coordination amongst the different countries. It is a testing time for understanding the delicate relationship between the international neighbours. All of them have been able to discharge their responsibilities properly. This will benefit all the agencies in the long run and will try to strengthen the bond between each other so that whenever any country needs any kind of assistance the other country is prepared to offer the same.

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