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Human rights commission to take an action

The Human Rights Commission and the National Commission for the women rights have been in the position to take note of all the development with respect to the women in Manipur and they have decided to take us with action as soon as possible so that the rise of all of them could be protected because it is a violation of the fundamental rights and the human rights are having promised to the people in all the account and nothing can be done about it as soon as possible but it is upon the people to find out that what is the solution to all of this and the need to get this basic understanding in them that things have to be monitor as owners possible. The government has not taking me active steps in order to register the cases of all the women who have been bleedingly discriminated in Manipur and they have faced such a negative situation over the time but it is upon these Agencies to come forward in order to help these women in the best possible way the can.

It is only with the help of proper support that something can be done about it but for the time being nobody is willing to offered a proper statement to all of this a and it will get monitor easily. This particular tangent of population is something that is going to get the best utilisation over the time and it depends a lot on multiple aspects because this is going to get the understanding which nobody has been able to enjoy but it is only with the help of the conscience of these organisation that provides of the women can be taken because this is become the need of the earth. Nobody’s in the position to wonder that what would be the future of Manipur but the president and the Prime Minister are contemplating the situation of the imposition the president rule as soon as possible so that people can find out to waste to get rid of this situation and the rights of the people could be protected in the best possible way.

It is only with the help of conscience support of the people that most of the population can get a basic understanding about the latest facilities and it is only with the help of proper major mens that people can find out what is actually working for them and what is not. This particular level of understanding will be useful only if people understand what will be the negative aspect The Fall of this and such kind of pics will be discussed in great detail once things for back to please

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