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Home Minister to monitor the security arrangement

The most important and prestigious Amarnath Yatra is expected to commence on the first of July. The home minister of India Mr Amit Shah has taken note of all the arrangements so that all the pilgrims do not have to face any kind of security threat. He has possibly decided to take note of all the arrangements so that there is no scope of any kind of risk. This particular pilgrimage is an important part of Hinduism and every year around thousands of people travel to this place in order to see the divine blessings of Lord Shiva.

The governor of Jammu and Kashmir has also collaborated with the home minister in order to make all the arrangements so that all the pilgrims are able to visit the temple easily and without any kind of discomfort. Security is a major problem because Jammu and Kashmir is always prone to terrorism to a great extent. But over the period of time the level of this support has increased to a great extent and this has been able to save the people from a lot of discomfort over the time. Most of the people do not know how to get hold of this problem but it is only with the help of better efforts that the people would now be in the position to get good results over time.

Separate arrangements have been made for the elderly and the children so that they do not experience any kind of issue over the time. In fact a contract has also been given to the caterers to prepare the food which is not only healthy but also according to the standards setup by the commission. In fact for this year the government has decided to distribute warm clothes to all the people who do not carry with them the required material. This is the particular aspect that has to be taken into consideration over the period of time and no kind of compromise can be recorded in any way. This is the best part that has to be recorded because the safety of all the pilgrims is very crucial for the entire country. This particular aspect is very crucial because many people do not visit this place because of this security but this time provision has been made to provide the best possible to all the pilgrims who visit this place.

This particular Yatra will conclude in August. The number of pilgrims have basically exceeded by around 17% this time and this is a matter of proud that the people are completely satisfied by the arrangements that the government is making for their safety over the period of time. This is a very beneficial factor that has to be taken into account in all the situations because it will definitely help to increase the confidence of the people on the different types of security measures that the government is developing for them. This year it has become very easy for all of the people to make the bookings instantly with the help of the online platform

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