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Home Minister asks to deploy technology effectively

The home minister of India has reported to enhance the ability of Technology and prevent the misuse of artificial intelligence. He has specifically asked all the officers of his ministry to work towards the implementation of this ideology as soon as possible. He has already taken into account different types of instances in which technology like Drone and artificial intelligence has been put to unwarranted and illegal sources. He has already taken into consideration the input of all the divisions and has given the power to all the officials to visualise the future and also develop the solutions in advance. This can be only possible when the technology is deployed for the betterment and not misused by any person or department for its personal advantage or Vendetta. Union Home ministry is working diligently towards the achievement of all the goals that have been formulated in vision 2047. This particular measure is very helpful in order to reduce the consumption of electricity and also switch to non conventional sources of energy such as hydro energy and solar energy. In fact the union government will develop all of its buildings on his model.

Misuse of Technology also gives rise to terrorism once again in this country. Not only this but also it will increase different types of challenges such as radicalism and cyber and information threats. It will also impact the potential of a country to manage all the disasters and the inflow of foreigners in the nation. The government has increased the budget for Aatmairbhar Bharat under which India will be making an attempt to become self-sufficient in Technology. In fact a proper and detailed road map has also been laid to achieve the goals of the nation in the next 25 years so that India can emerge as a superpower like other developed nations of the world. This particular strategy will be very important in order to improve the border management and Centre state relationships. Technology can also be used for improving the efficiency of the police forces and also increasing the effectiveness of the rescue management system at the time of natural calamities and disasters.

Amit Shah who happens to be the home minister of India has been able to draw the attention of the union government towards different types of challenges that the Indian government is facing for the time being. These challenges can be only solved when technology is channelised in a better direction. This is one of the most effective measures which must be spread across different departments of the government so that the ideology is implemented at every cost. The level of performance will automatically increase if technology is included in the discharge of all the functions. It will also reduce the overall cost of operation and will help to monitor the economic growth of the country.

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