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Heatwave to arrive in May

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued an official warning for 7th states in India to prepare for the upcoming heat wave in the next week of May 2023. The states include the ones like Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal including Haryana, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. The temperature in these seven States will be more than 40 degree Celsius which will be 4.5 degrees more than the normal temperature which must be prevalent during this period of time. In addition to the increasing temperature, the level of humidity will increase and the possibility of precipitation will automatically decrease. It is typically to move with respect to the span from 20th May to 27th May. It will be very uncomfortable weather. It has been for the first time in so many years that the temperature has been below 35°c for the maximum part of May in the Northern part of India. But the weather forecasts predict that the temperature will become hotter towards the end of may. It is also expected that this temperature will touch the maximum of 48 degree Celsius by the first week of June.

In addition to these seven States the states of Maharashtra and Tamilnadu including Kerala and Andhra Pradesh will also experience hot weather. The eastern and western coasts of India will experience disturbance by the end of 25th may which may bring some light precipitation in that area. At the same time the north east and states of Assam in Meghalaya will experience heavy thunderstorms after 22nd May. Jharkhand and Bihar can also experience thunderstorms including lightning after 25th May. The weather is really pleasant for the southern part of the country, especially for the states of Odisha and Karnataka. The monsoon has already made an onset in the country and is progressing towards the regions of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Maharashtra will experience the first rainfall in the first week of June and after that it will progress towards the other parts of north India.

The government has also issued an orange warning for the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra during the first week of June and have advised the corporate office to go online because there is a possibility of heavy rainfall which can cause a lot of congestion in the entire region. The average temperature for the months of Summer is expected to be low in the year of 2023 due to the cold water current which is flowing across the Indian Ocean. It is responsible to withdraw the overall temperature but it is only with respect to this year. As soon as the current withdraws the temperature will start Rising. This will also increase the humidity levels in the country which can be a cause of discomfort to a lot of people.

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