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footage of a mid-air jet crash at a Dallas airshow; six people are thought dead

The Dallas air show’s historic military aircraft collided in midair and caught fire, as seen in horrific video.
Two World War II-era aeroplanes crashed in midair and broke up into a million pieces on Saturday at an air show in Dallas. The two horrifying crashes that were seen on camera included a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 King Cobra. The entire incident was caught on camera because the aircraft were participating in the airshow. Although officials have not confirmed any fatalities, it is suspected that the six passengers, who numbered at least, are all dead.
As spectators struggled to accept what they were seeing, dread engulfed the airshow. The air show was taking place when Montoya, 27, and a friend were there. “I stayed quiet. I was in full shock and awe. Everyone in the neighbourhood was gasping. At once, everyone started crying. Everyone was in disbelief.
The Dallas mayor, Eric Johnson, said that the crash footage is appalling. According to the mayor, the National Transportation Safety Board had assumed responsibility of the crash site and was being assisted by the local police and fire departments.
We suffered a tragic incident in our city today during an airshow, as many of you have now witnessed. Many specifics are now unknown or uncertain. The audience’s shock and horror when the King cobra smashed with the B-17 is captured in every video from the airshow.
Coming from the opposite direction, the King cobra collided with the B-17 and caused a massive ball of flames and smoke to erupt. The US fighter plane known as the King Cobra was used by Soviet forces the majority of the time during the combat. The four-engine bomber known as the B-17 was used in flights against Germany during World War 2. According to specialists, it is unusual to find either of the aeroplanes in a flying condition. The bulk of B-17s were destroyed after the war and are currently primarily on display at air exhibitions and museums.
The eyewitnesses described seeing multiple aircraft flying simultaneously. The New York Times reported that a lawyer who attended the event with his 12-year-old daughter said it had patriotic music playing in the background while the narrator explained the significance of the planes.
Because they were unaware of what was happening at the moment, eyewitnesses said that the B-17 was flying quite low. The B-17’s wing then broke off, and the plane’s fuselage hit the ground along with a massive fireball.

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