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European Union and United States soon to release a code of conduct on AI

A revolutionary decision on Artificial Intelligence has been made between European Union and United States on Wednesday. Both the technologically developed nations have agreed that they will release a code of conduct on AI which is Artificial Intelligence with the hope that other countries will agree to accept this code of conduct.
At the meeting held in Sweden on the code of conduct, a statement was released by United States and European Union. It stated that it is an urgent need to come with new technology to stop China from becoming a great power.
Joint statement from EU and US
The White House and the European Commission released a joint statement on Wednesday calling Artificial Intelligence as a transformative technology. According to the statement, this technology will create more opportunities for tech junkies. It will also bring equity as well as prosperity in the technology sector.
The statement further revealed that the experts of both the nations will work to mitigate the risk and cooperate on AI tools and standards.
Both the nations further discussed the ways to work on 6th generation mobile technology and much more.
Growing power of China creates worries among nations
European Union is looking forward to stop biometric surveillance and include human control in the technologies. China’s growing power will surely affect the global standards. However, Antony Blinken denies entering into any Cold War in the future.
Global priority to mitigate the risk of AI
Mitigation of risk of extinction of Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important matters these days just like pandemic and nuclear war. Despite the occurrence of severe situations, the United States did not take action to frame the regulations for Artificial Intelligence.
The decision of releasing a code of conduct was welcomed by many technology firms in the meeting of Sweden.

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