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During the survey in the coming elections, the condition of 50 percent of leaders and ministers is bad, know why this happened.

The process of elections has started in Rajasthan. The leaders have started holding their meetings at various places, giving speeches, and trying their best to attract people towards them. Let him get the votes and register his victory. All the Congress leaders are happier in the state, which is now in the Congress government because they feel that in the coming times also, the public will vote for them and let them rule there, but the main leaders of the Congress in Rajasthan Inside Sukhjinder Randhawa he asked to know the horoscope of all the Congress leaders and to know about their future that what is going to be their position in the coming election and whether he will be able to win that seat again or whoever is the MLA is going to lose his seat. How correctly they are helping the public to get help in the coming elections.

For this, he got a survey done on the entire 200 assembly seats of Rajasthan, during which he had a lot of trouble because the results that came out after this survey was not going to go in the interest of the Congress because many ministers and legislators of the Congress were in such situations. In the meeting with Ashok Gehlot and Dotasara, Randhawa concluded that these leaders and these MLAs have to give all the information about the ministers who are inside our cabinet so that they can establish their dominance in their area and attract the public towards themselves, work for the public, after that the public should vote for them.

If you want votes from the public, you have to do something for the public.

For this, he held a meeting with the MLA, in which he held a meeting with each MLA separately and told them about their survey that even if we give them tickets again from this place, they will not be able to win from here. Hearing this, the MLAs found it strange that someone could say such a thing. You must take great care there and do much for the public.

After this, Ashok Gehlot also said that he had seen such a person for the first time and would not win from here, and this is a very good strategy of Sukhjinder Randhawa that he can direct his MLAs to vote for you there. We warn you that if you want to win from here, you must keep doing something or the other for the public.

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