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Drishyam actress Ishita Dutta did the housewarming ceremony of her new house.

Drishyam and Drishyam 2 are the two most suspenseful films of Bollywood because the way the suspense is kept inside these two films makes this film even more famous, and this film is very successful at the box office. It was very popular, and this film earned a lot at the box office. Although Ajay Devgan played a very good role in this film, apart from this, Ishita Dutta has also worked in it, which has started earning her name inside Bollywood due to her superb acting, she also got a lot of attention in the first part of Darshan. He had a good performance and was seen in the second part of South also performing his best.

Apart from this, both Ishita and Vatsal had married a short time ago, and after that, both looked very happy. They took their new house in Mumbai only a few days back, and the cost of this house is around Rs. 30000000, is being told. After taking this house, he had not done housewarming till now, and he had said that Drishyam would be of the film and when the film is released well then only then he will make this film well at the box office, But this film will run only after that he will enter the house of his new house.

Ishita Dutta and Vatsal are going to be parents very soon.

Ishita Dutta and Vatsal look like a very good couple, and they got married sometime back, even after Ishita Dutta did her first Darshan film. Both used to live in a flat in Mumbai, and they said that they would do griha pravesh in their new house after Drishyam. Now they have griha pravesh of their new house here. Their parents also reached all the people from both families. Those related to him also reached there, and he also called the chief guest there.

Ishita Dutta is considered a very beautiful actress in Bollywood, and she is also not very much inside Bollywood, so she has just started getting work. However, her acting is very much liked by people, and people are saying that In the coming time, she will come out as a good Bollywood actress. The way she has acted in her films, many people have liked her acting, and the film director has also said that she worked very hard for her acting.

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