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Commander level 18 talks between India and China

There is often a dispute between India and China, which harms the economic and social condition of India and China in one way or another. Therefore, to correct this, India and China have held a meeting in which They talked a lot about becoming a letter of cooperation to each other, and there will be a constant discussion about how or not the relationship between the two countries should be very strong and which has been repeatedly supported by India from China. The firing on the border should be stopped immediately, and the Chinese should not extend their hand toward the border of India because India will never let the border of India be snatched away.
If the Chinese Defense Minister settles all these matters first before he visits India, it will only be good for him. Otherwise, China may face many problems. The two countries held new high-level military talks on Sunday, April 23. It has been nearly four months since the last round of talks between the two sides, although it has yet to be known whether any progress has been made toward resolving the pending issues. There is good news for China Demchok and Depsang, which are on the Indian side of East Ladakh, India, have issued their consent in the disputed area, due to which China will get some relief.
The standoff in Ladakh in May 2020 killed many soldiers.
There was a fierce clash in the Galvin Valley in June 2020, and since then, the relations between the two countries have deteriorated a bit. Those relations are still deteriorating due to a constant tussle between the two countries’ armies, and sometimes Encounters keep happening between the two countries regarding some issues. Still, it has been speculated for some time now that there will be an atmosphere of peace between the two countries.
Now, after this meeting, there is full hope that there will be very good relations between the two countries, and if they want to maintain this hope continuously, they will have to fulfill all the agreements that have been made inside this meeting. Care has to be taken, and if he breaks away from these agreements in any way, then it will be a very bad thing for both countries and if China wants to keep its relations with India very good, then it will have to deal with India in any way.

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