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China Reports Big Jump In Covid-19 Hospitalisations: WHO

According to a report published by the World Health Organization on Thursday, China experienced a significant increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations during the week ending January 15, reaching the highest level since the pandemic began..
The WHO stated that it is still waiting for more specific information on the nearly 60,000 additional COVID-related hospital deaths reported by China last week. The organization has not yet included these deaths in their official tally, as they are awaiting “detailed provincial data disaggregated by week of reporting.”
China has reported a significant increase in hospitalisations due to Covid-19, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The number of people being admitted to hospitals in the country has risen by over 40% in the past week.
The WHO has warned that this could be a sign of a resurgence of the virus in China, and has urged the country to take immediate action to prevent the spread of the disease. The organization has also called on other countries to be vigilant and to prepare for a potential resurgence of the virus.
The Chinese government has responded by increasing testing and tracing efforts, as well as imposing stricter measures in areas with a high number of cases. However, the WHO has stressed the need for continued vigilance and for countries to work together to combat the virus.
The WHO has also urged China to be transparent in its reporting of Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations, in order to better understand the situation and respond effectively.
According to a WHO report based on data submitted by Beijing, the number of people hospitalized with the disease in China increased by 70% to 63,307 in the past week. This is the highest weekly figure that China has reported since the outbreak of COVID-19 more than three years ago.
In December, Beijing unexpectedly ended its three-year anti-virus measures, which included regular testing, travel restrictions, and mass lockdowns, following protests in November. Since then, cases have risen significantly throughout the country, which has a population of 1.4 billion.
The WHO and other organizations have claimed that China has not fully disclosed the extent of the outbreak and have repeatedly requested more comprehensive data, including information on deaths, excess mortality, and genetic sequences..

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