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Challenge given to Indian developers, said making AI tools is not their capability

Chat GPT is very much discussed inside India these days because of how Narendra Modi and the CEO of Chat GPT met each other; since then, there has been constant apprehension about the AI company in India. The supremacy will increase very much, and the way technology will expand inside India will be essential, but now the CEO of Chat GPT has made a terrible statement for India; after this, the Indian people are very worried. This has also caused trouble, and Indian people have been seen continuously trolling Chat GPT that they should not have made such a statement for a country like India, and they will have to withdraw their information.

The CEO of Chat GPT stated that making AI tools is not at all in the hands of Indian companies, and they cannot make AI tools because their technology is of a very different level and does not match Indian technology at all. Although it is a massive financial company and it also costs the most, for this, he has said that India is not yet capable in that way that it can launch such an extensive financial application inside India, the way Since Narendra Modi has talked about implementing it inside India, after that it is implemented in India.

Tech Mahindra’s CEO has accepted this challenge.

The CEO of Tech Mahindra has accepted this challenge of the CEO of Chat GPT, and he has said that he cannot challenge Indian companies in this way because Indian companies work on a vast scale. The financier is the problem; it has come above them; in this way, if someone challenges them, they will accept it, and they want to accept this challenge as well, and they will come inside India in the coming time, making them a tool. And he can never say for India that Indian companies do not have the guts to make AI tools.

Indian companies are at their highest level at this time. If anyone challenges India in this way, then Indian companies are ready to be literate and try to complete such work by doing their work together. That’s why the CEO of Mahindra accepted the challenge. Now he is fully preparing for it and will try to make AI tools as soon as possible inside India; apart from this, other companies have also supported the CEO of Tech Mahindra. He has given up entirely and said that he accepts his challenge and will be seen supporting Tech Mahindra.

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