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Bidding stops for 13 states

The central government has taken a latest decision according to which some of the states will not be allowed to bid for the food grains which are automatically under the control of the center for over a large period of time at subsidized rates. 1.5 million turns of food grains are available with the central government and it has decided to auction that to the state government so that it is possible for the state government to mitigate the gap between the demand and supply easily of the time.

The availability of food grains with the state government will definitely help the state government to provide a better access to the food to all the people irrespective of any kind of discrimination without even charging any money from them. It is only with the help of this particular scheme that an equal distribution takes place according to the proportion of the requirement but this time a decision has been taken by the central government to put the maximum limit on the maximum number of food grains that can be taken up by the state government over the time.

A total of 13 States has been prevented to get access to this kind of stock which is available with the central Government and the decision has been approved by the Food Corporation of India in this regard. It is important to note that taking this decision was very important in order to provide a better availability of food in the regions which need the most as compared to those who already have enough for them. While some of the cities in the country has been in the position to invite such kind of system for the betterment of the country but only but many of the states who have been prevented to find anything out of the stock have criticized the government like anything because according to them the quantity available with the state government shall be properly accounted for in order to introduce multiple changes over the time. This particular decision was taken by A committee in order to provide better development to be entire country as a whole because people who do not give consideration to the demands of the other state which are equally important and urgent definitely end up complicating the matter. After this particular decision has been made, different types of changes have to be introduced to the food security act of 2013 so that it can tag me with all the problems that she is facing.

The decision of the government has been challenge by different types of leaders on multiple grounds but the decision seems to be valid because equity has been the guiding factor of the system of the country and nothing can be done without this at any cost. Aspect which has to be taken into account in all because so that the country an actually develop in the long run with the help of the facilities that it already has and the government is helping to provide.

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