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Bengal CM intervenes the meeting

It is important to understand that the best Bengal Chief Minister Mamta banarji is now taking an important advantage of the existing fight that is taking place between Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party. It is important to understand that almost every opposition party is completely against the Bhartiya Janata party because it is passing the laws which are not suitable to the regional states and it is definitely trying to end the democracy from the country of India which is not acceptable to any country as a whole.

In the light of all of the changes all the opposition parties are coming together in order to bring in this while forming a major Alliance. In this particular kind of situation it has become extremely important to understand that the Chief Minister of Delhi has taken a tough stand and he has basically advised the chief minister to do something about all of this as soon as possible. The most important objective behind this meeting will be to understand the way in which the solution to this problem can be obtained over the period of time.

The leaders of the opposition parties want to think of a unique method by which the lawlessness of the ruling party is produced to the minimum possible extent because this is the mandate of the government which cannot be changed at any cost. This particular industry will definitely provide a scope for better development but it will be only possibly when both the states and the center come together in order to make a change in this world but for the time being both of these political parties are completely in contradictions with each other and all the sessions of the Parliament have been wasted without holding any actual discussion with respect to the Future force of action. The government has not answered any of these questions for the time being but the people are getting restless and they want their answers as soon as possible because opposition has been successful in highlighting a lot of fallacies of the existing government and this has to come to an end as soon as possible. The most important contention of the Aam aadmi Party is the recent Ordinance that has been passed by the center with respect to the shift of power all the way from the Chief Minister to the Governor who is the officer of the executive.

The level of changes that have been introduced will definitely do something about this present situation but it will be difficult to cope with in the time being because it will require a huge effort in the times to come which has to be witnessed. People do not want any complication but they want a solution with the help of which it will be possible to get rid of all the problems in one go. The government will definitely consider these problems in one go

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